If you're a transformation retreat leader who's ready to travel the world, make a difference AND make more money – then join Sheri Rosenthal for a retreat planning + marketing mastermind adventure Oct 18-24, 2015!

Relaxing on a rooftop terrace, the sun is softly setting behind an old olive grove as the shadows are gently falling on the breathtakingly beautiful Atlas Mountain peaks behind you.

Lying back on a deliciously comfortable lounge, you’re drinking mint tea as the soft evening desert breeze caresses your skin while surrounded by sixteen of the most creative and amazing people you can imagine….

Where are you – you ask?

Why you’re in Marrakesh, at the Retreat Mastermind Morocco, relaxing at the tribal-chic Peacock Pavilion waiting for your dinner to begin – three delicious courses of mouthwatering homemade food served by candle light, under the African stars!

Intrigued? Of course you are. Let me tell you more….

Over 6 delightful nights and 7 days we’ll be brainstorming planning and marketing your transformational destination retreat while learning the finer details of retreat management and best practices.

Flummoxed over what to teach and how to lay out your retreat?

No worries, we’ll hash it out!

Can’t seem to figure out where to have your retreat?

Happy to help – we’ve got you covered!

Having troubles pricing out your event?

Easy peasy – let’s do it together!

Marketing your retreat got you frustrated and flustered?

We’ll lay out your plan month by month.

Not sure how to monetize your retreat to make extra money?

Let us count the ways…

So why should YOU join us?

Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to get your retreat plan and your marketing strategy nailed down.

There’s no need to do this alone, worried about whether you’re doing things the right way or not – or whether you’re going to be able to sell out your event!

The Retreat Mastermind Morocco is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to make it happen!

Plus we’ll be exploring the fabulous city of Marrakesh, eating incredibly delicious food, and availing ourselves of some of the most body-melting spa services!

The Venue…

Morocco – bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea – evokes images of souks and medieval maze-like streets, stretches of empty beaches, and stark deserts and mountains touched by Berber, Arabian and European influences.

We’ll be spending six fabulous nights in the beautiful city of Marrakesh enjoying the wonderful culture, food, shopping, and the glamorous décor of the fabulous Peacock Pavilion.

Our chic boutique hotel was designed and built by blogger and designer, Maryam Montague, and her American husband, Chris Redecke.

Maryam’s been writing for Travel & Leisure Magazine as their local Marrakesh expert and currently has around 35 stories live on their site featuring her fabulous recommendations on where to shop, spa, dine, and go in the mysterious Red City!

Maryam’s an incredible resource and has been featured in a multitude of magazines not only for her advice and fabulous place – but because of her non-profit project, Project Soar (which we will be contributing to), and for her gorgeous online boutique, the Red Thread Souk (if you look you’ll be in there dreaming for hours!).

Every corner has been decorated with her funky and fun aesthetic and there’s no way you’re going home without a piece of Morocco – whether it’s a beautiful lamp, textiles, a pouf, a carpet, silver jewelry pieces, or leather goods.

Do take a moment to watch the video on the left to get a feel of what she’s created!

The Cuisine…

Let’s get this straight right from the start – there’s no processed food at Peacock Pavilion – only delicious homemade food using the freshest and organically grown resources.

The breads are baked fresh daily in the village’s communal oven, and dinners are slow, multi-course relaxing affairs with candlelight and magic.

If you don’t eat this or that – no worries – they are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.

We’ll also have two nights out on the town to experience the ubiquitous mouth-watering local tagines and perhaps a bout of belly dancing.

Feeling brave?

Then try something at the open air market at the infamous Jemma el-Fnaa Square at night.

There’s always something fascinating to taste – simply wind your way behind the snake-charmers and witch doctors stalls and then just follow your nose.

If that’s not tempting enough – I’ve planned a day trip for us to the Atlas Mountains to spend the day at the Kasbah Du Toubkal (it’s in this picture and is listed as one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World) to take in the incredible views,  enjoy a delicious lunch, and have a special visit to a remote Berber Village!

We’ll create a delicious 3-course meal including salads, soup, tagines and dessert and we’ll then get to eat what we’ve created (yes, detailed recipes will be provided for you to take home along with a special surprise!!).

The Delights…

As if the above adventures were not enough to make you swoon – how about we indulge in traditional hammam at Les Bains de Marrakech?

The Moroccan Hammam is a place where locals go to socialize, relax and meet one another, but also to get scrubbed within an inch of their lives!

Be prepared to open your pores and be scrubbed with an exfoliating glove and savon noir soap (their black soap made from olive oil). Slather on a little argon oil afterwards and you’ll leave feeling scrubbed clean, fresh, shiny, intensely relaxed and totally refreshed! Ahhhhh……

And don’t forget to treat yourself to Les Bains de Marrakech home products and take home their delicately perfumed candles (they make lovely holiday gifts), their home perfumes, and face and body crèmes.

Oops – I almost forgot that we have a half-day pass to the world renowned 5-star hotel, La Mamounia for a healthy spa lunch, a fabulous spa service on me (one hour of unadulterated deliciousness), and time to relax by their beautiful pool. Did I mention that this place is stunningly beautiful and the architecture exquisite?

And we can’t forget a tour of the highlights of the city with our trusty guide exploring the old medina souks for djellaba robes, spices, babouches (Moroccan slippers), old carpets and colorful ceramics, perhaps visiting the old ruins of the El Badi Palace, or the stunning Bahia Palace (which truly is an architectural wonder).

I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be seeing yet – it all depends on our mood and our guide. And yup – don’t worry, you’ll also have some time to do your own shopping if you need some extra retail therapy!

No Moroccan retreat can be complete without a VIP party, and no party can be without Peacock Pavilion’s scrumptious artisanal cocktails and hors d’oeuvres – just in case we get a bit peckish before dinner!

So what kind of party is this?

It’s a henna party and we’re going to have a fabulous time being beautifully decorated!

And last of all, who could possibly pass up the opportunity to watch Casablanca on their outdoor movie screen under the Moroccan stars with hot chocolate, popcorn, and perhaps a bonfire?

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman never looked so good!

The Bennies…

So what can YOU expect if you spend 6 nights and 7 days masterminding and enjoying yourself on an exquisitely decadent adventure to Marrakesh?

Well, what if you got insanely inspired to design the most outrageously amazing life-changing retreat for your clients (and most of all for yourself)?

And what would it mean to you if you picked up a few gems that ended up netting you an additional 10-50k from your retreat?

Would THAT be worth coming to Morocco for?

I sure think so! PLUS you’ll get to pick my brains for 7 days – that in itself is priceless!

So if you didn’t have a chance to come to our awesome live event in Ft. Lauderdale – this will be the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn the details that are going to help you create a retreat that fills AND makes some serious money.

We’ll be focusing on:

  • How to choose a title, theme and promise that’s irresistible (your retreat won’t fill if your copy sounds like boring oatmeal!)
  • Getting clear on exactly what you’ll be sharing on your retreat (you can’t teach everything you know!)
  • Understanding the particulars about picking a location (not every retreat should be on the beach – it’s key to choose a location that supports your topic!)
  • What information belongs on your trip page (to sell your retreat & to protect you)?
  • How to PROPERLY price your event (so you don’t LOSE money)!
  • Learn my TOP strategies for promoting and filling your retreat (if it doesn’t fill you could lose your deposit and your shirt)!
  • Further monetizing your event (up-sell your participants to your high-ticket programs and more)!

What’s Included:

  • Boutique accommodations double occupancy six nights (yes, there are 2 beds in the rooms)
  • Six delicious breakfasts at Peacock Pavilions
  • Six beautiful dinners either at Peacock Pavilions or in town
  • Five healthy nourishing lunches either at Peacock Pavilions or out & about
  • Four morning deep-dive mastermind sessions + lots of juicy retreat conversations all week!
  • Lunch at the stunning Kasbah Du Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains and visit to a remote Berber village
  • Transportation for our day trips
  • Our tour guide for our day around town and the souks
  • Our henna party with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
  • A farewell dinner party our last night
  • Half-day traditional hammam spa experience at Le Bains de Marrakesh
  • Half-day luxury Detox spa experience and lunch at La Mamounia
  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit in Marrakesh
  • Casablanca movie night under the stars
  • Your donation ($100 per person) to Maryam’s Project Soar non-profit organization (we have to give back y’all)

* If you desire a single occupancy we have accommodations at the charming Douar de Domaine hotel which is only 3 minutes away and we will provide transport to bring you over to Peacock Pavilion and back for your meals.

What’s Not-Included:

  • Your roundtrip airfare from home
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, spa services, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

*Peacock Pavilions has several peacocks on the property: Maurice, Persephone and Gigi – along with one mischievous yellow lab, five cats and possibly other critters. (Well, for goodness sakes why would they name it that if they didn’t?)  🙂


You must arrive into the Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) only if you want to be picked up at the airport. You’ll be arriving October 18th and departing October 24th.

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – Ales Struna, our travel planner extraordinaire, can help you plan something fabulous if you like!

Feel free to ring him at +866.866.5566 extension #2.

Ales can also help you with your flights to make sure that you actually end up in Morocco at the right time and in the right place!

About Sheri:

Sheri Rosenthal loves retreats. She loves teaching about them, designing them, planning them, running them, making a great income from them – and she wants you to love them as much as she does.

It all started back in 1999 when she sold her podiatry practice and started studying with don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements).

That’s when she went on her first transformational destination retreat and has been obsessed with them ever since (after all, they totally changed her life). She ended up running don Miguel’s business for two years of the eight she worked with him, allowing her to plan and run all his retreats and events.

That inspired her to create her own travel agency in 2003 – Journeys of the Spirit®, where she’s been planning and managing other facilitators retreats for the past twelve years.

Currently, Sheri is known as one of the most sought after retreat strategists for coaches, facilitators and authors. She is famous for helping clients plan, fill, and profit from transformational retreats that both change lives and add serious income to their bottom line!

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